Terms and Condition

Obsads declares it as a Legal Agreement as if you sign up with us then you agree with our said Terms and Conditions which are mentioned below for convenience. We advise you to read it carefully before registration, and to go for our premium membership subscription facilities. By a click on I Agree, you will acknowledge that you have no objection to all the clauses, and acknowledge sticking to Terms and Conditions as per agreement contract. If you do not comply with our terms or have a conflict of opinion then please do not proceed further for having membership of Obsads.Com.

1. The Service Provision

Obsads is an online portal in fact a community which provides a facility of a contact and deal between members who want to buy and sell new and used items online in the United Kingdom. We are providers of a safe and cordial environment for all kinds of business deals between buyers, sellers, companies and individuals. But we have no obligation to provide any other service or keep a check on the quality of anything by ourselves.

2. Membership Requirements

Obsads asks you to take care of following steps if you become our members as buyers or sellers. You are able to become a member of Obsads all free and we only need you to have a valid and registered Email address.

2-1 Eligibility Criteria Set by Obsads

Obsads wants to make it clear that is a website for adult use and if a child uses and orders anything then the parents/guardians are obliged to pay. You have to be legally 18 years old to be a part of our services. We expect our valued clients to provide us with truthful share of their credentials. If we come to know that the members have violated the trust rule then a legal action will be taken.

2.2 Username and Password Allocation

Obsads will provide a chance to each new member to choose a Specific Username, for future deals with website as an individual. Each member will be supposed to conduct activities via membership, and it must be performed in accordance with this Agreement.

2.3 Membership Termination

Both of the website authorities and the individual members carry the right to terminate the membership due to any reason. Our reason of termination will be based on violation of terms and conditions and privacy policy process. It will also be based on a user's report of spam content or an illegal exhibit of any classified advertisement.

2.4 Obsads Deals

Obsads is an online marketplace for buyers, sellers and service providers from the United Kingdom. We just provide a classified advertisement space for individuals and groups, to place their ads for goods and services for sale as well as for individual buyers to find goods and services they are looking for. We are not part of all monetary transactions for all the goods or services made here. It is direct contract between and buyer and seller outside the jurisdiction of Obsads.

2.5 Obsads Paid Ads

Obsads Offer Paid Ads to user's Simple Create your Account and Put ad before submission user have two choices.
I - Featured Ad
II- Urgent Ad

1- Feature ad active on Front Screen & Active for 8 days. After 8 days ad must be transfer in free ads and now its ad active but after 15 days ad must be deactivate and user got alert information from obsads.com for revise this ad or modify this ad if product still available.

2- Urgent ad active on Front Screen & Active for 12 days. After 12 days ad must be transfer in free ads and now its ad active but after 15 days ad must be deactivate and user got alert information from obsads.com for revise this ad or modify this ad if product still available.

Note: www.obsads.com keep data in record for 3 months after 3 months all those ads which are not activated from the user must be auto remove from the database.

3. Social Responsibility Set by Obsads

3.1 Personal Responsibilities

Obsads is determined to make this website safe and absolutely great place to shop for everyone. However, by accepting this Agreement you are acknowledging that your use of the Website is solely at your own risk.

3.2 Published Materials at Obsads

We are a Digital Marketing portal, and we want you to make sure that the material you transmit to other members is not offensive or do not contain any malware or virus. The advertisements and details must not be explicit in nature against directly or indirectly harassment material.

3.3 Keeping the Information Confidential

The Website's Privacy Policy safeguards all personal information that is provided to Obsads, and it is related to membership details. Here you are giving us consent to use this information use such material or information for the process of forming a database for any other website that is owned and operated by the Company which is similar to Obsads.

3.4 Copyright Protection Values with Obsads

You agree that you have provided all information which is posted, transferred or in other ways are your own work and you are not advertising on behalf of a third party. Copyright Violation is a serious legal and moral crime and it must be avoided at all costs.

4. Information Flow at Obsads

4.1 Monitoring of Information

Obsads reserves all rights to monitor the services that are provided to Members through our Website. These categories include the profiles, photos, product descriptions, advertisements and dealing contracts.

4.2 Information Security

Obsads will take all protective measures to ensure that the information provided by you must remain secure on our website.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

Obsads has no claim over the ownership rights in of any type of material that you post, fill in, display and post in the form of advertisements and profiles. You are sole owner of all published or transmitted information that is posted on our Website. It is your sole discretion to use all material in a way as you like to. You are giving us a limited authority to use, display, distribute and reproduce all provided information.

6. Complaints Registration and Dealing

Any Member who wishes to file a complaint with reference to our Website services, conduct of our customer services staff of Obsads should contact our Administration immediately. Our services department will read an act after reading all complaints and comments. They will be evaluated by our concerned staff members. Being a Member of Obsads, you are able to contact the administration staff directly through the provided Contact Form of Complaint Form provided on the Website.