Customer Support

Obsads is a website that is designed to serve the online users to interact and make buying or selling deals. We are just acting as the third party publishing agents and have no profit margin is sale of any product or hiring of any service by users. But it is our own trading portal and we deal with queries that are related to issues of browsing, orders and payments. At the same our support staff is always here to listen to your complaints regarding the misuse of your intellectual property or any illegal act that is clearly defined on Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Pages. For all sorts of troubles that our members or visitors face like problem in sign up or the signing in are dealt. The loss of passwords or usernames will be dealt at utmost priority if notified to us at right time. Same is the case scenario with publishers as if they don't get the timely payments or there is a communication hindrance with the prospect customers due to any software issue then we will provide earliest support. You can have a direct cal with our support executives. If it is not possible then leave an email for us, and your concern will be addressed.

Obsads believes in building a level of trust and confidence with its valuable members that we want to serve all sorts of website related queries at earliest. Any sort of conflict that is popped up between buyer and seller is not our deal as it is clearly mentions is terms and conditions that you have agreed upon. But any unlawful act on part of seller or buyer will be dealt in accordance with the State Laws of United Kingdom. Stay connected with us and a right time feedback will let our better performances and up-gradation of website for sure. Thank you…!!