Adult Policy

Obsads is meant to be an online shopping and deal oriented portal that only adults can operate. So, we are particular about the age category of the visitors and the members. We do not allow users less than 18 years of age to become our members. They can neither post classified advertisements nor purchase from our website. It is unlawful act that minors may use our website without the consent of their Parents/Guardians.

So, you need to tell us the exact date of birth while signing up a member or a publisher. If we find it later then a strict action will be taken as per our website policy. All transaction will be considered cancelled and the damages will be paid by the guardians. So, be careful while your kids are browsing over web. Our web portal carry all sorts of adult and kids garments, shoes, accessories and rest of stuff but it must be a deal with the lawfully adult guys.

At the same time any pornographic or the obscene advertisement published by any minor is also strictly prohibited. Keeping the software applications regulate with user and member database we keep a check. It is also necessary as if the minors may use the credit card number of their parents/guardians then it is not our responsibility to repay you. But you have to pay for the cost of products or services that your kid or teenager has ordered even without your consent. So keep a a better check and also keep your cards at safer places.