Privacy Policy

Obsads is formed as a convenient place to perform all sorts buying and selling deals for the general visitors and its valued members. We have formed this Privacy Policy to build a strong and obviously the long term relationship which will be comprised of trust and mutual confidence. Here you can find some important steps of the policy that must be acceptable to each member as a buyer of seller here.

Obsads' Membership Policy

You can become a permanent user or a member with the Sign Up of our contract form. Here your part will be deigned you yourself as if you are a regular user of the website or the advertiser here. You will receive our website's updates and newsletters if you need with a click on the Subscribe option. Obsads authorities believe in full confidentiality of all visitors, and the emails or the contact numbers along with the names, and these will never be disclosed or published on our website. If you do not want to receive our newsletters then click on the Unsubscribe option.

Our Advertisement Policy

We have a website policy to serve for advertisements from other parties. The advertisers can also use information about your visits (excluding your name, address, email address, and telephone number). It will definitely help them to understand what sorts of ads really attract potential customers. If you do not want any sort of activity like this with your personal information then you can easily disallow it.

Process of Removal of Ads

Whenever you wish to remove your published ads deals either finalized or due to any other reason. You can simply request our customer support section with email for removing all or some of the ads that you have published with a described format. You personal or professional details won't be shared with anyone at later stages as well. The transactions which are made through our web portal will remain in our database record for our own evaluations and understanding user psyche.

Legal Information Provision to Agencies

Obsads is a fully responsible and law abiding entity, and it makes us bound to provide personal information to law enforcing agencies of "United Kingdom". If there is a fraud case with other users or the wrong information provision as a deliberate effort and if there is a purpose to defame some other Publishers and Brands then we have a right to take all legal measures as per State Laws.

IP Address Location Ease

Obsads has the authority to locate all IP addresses when you register or make a visit at our website. It is just for having a data to understand the visitor trends as well as the login and browsing times' record. We do not take the data for any other purpose but to gather the demographic surveys. We have to have a check on every individual visitor's login time, duration, shopping items list and activities at our website for its better performance.

Benefits of Using Website' Cookies

Cookies are data pieces which are in a way all harmless to perform any operation by the addition. These are wrongly perceived as a spyware or for spread of viruses. These cookies are introduced only for our Members' ease of operations on our portal. Obsads uses these cookies for only technical reasons for example keeping a record of Member's Password and Login Email. It is in fact quite beneficial for all members as they have no need to re-enter the passwords and other details while browsing different pages of our website.

Public Forums are Helpful

Obsads provides an option of a discussion board which is accessible by all visitors. You can become a part of our Obsads community with news feed of the latest classified advertisements. We would like to make it clear that a disclosure of personal information on these boards is a public exhibition, and we do not take it as our responsibility if anyone misuses it. So it is better to be careful while using these forums for information gathering. For participation in any discussion board we will like to provide the Username and Password, and that will not be shown on the board from our side.

How You Can Contact Us

If you keep any queries in mind about our privacy statement then please feel free to send us your message You can also call on our toll free number mentioned here for your convenience. Thank you!