Obsads make it clear to its users that all information that publishers and users have provided are considered to be based on honesty and integrity. We do not intend to get into any dispute that may arise due to some misconceptions or the illegal use of our portal. Here are some of the basic warning Tips that we provide your user and administration conveniences.

Warning Tips for Publishers

The information that publishers provide must be considered original and any fake provision may result in legal action.

All publishers need to ensure that they provide full information about their products, services and companies.

If there is some misdirection in wrong impression created through images and content that the advertisements will be blocked on time.

Provide the email or the contact number that can be verifiable and reachable if required, and it is highly necessary.

Any distorted it damaged piece sold as a fresh one will be considered a criminal activity on our portal.

Warning Tips for General Users and Members

Provide your full name and email with other details that are actual.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team if you find difficulty in browsing or order placement.

If there is a bad deal on behalf of the advertisers then let it be in our notice and we will take action.

Do not publish malicious remarks on our discussion boards.

Any comments or reviews which are sensitive towards any race, religion or political in nature will be deleted and your account can be blocked.

Make a good level of survey and satisfy your queries before placing any orders.

If there is a bad deal and other issue between advertisers or the users then Obsads is not a party.