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Our Website : http://www.airconfridgegasinstallerlondon.co.uk
Tel : 07801295368 (Emergency/24hours)
Email : info@airconfridgegasinstallerlondon.co.uk
With years of experience in specialised trades this has led us to become on stop service for all services you require.
We repair, install, maintain and service all types of domestic and commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems, tailoiring our service to meet your needs. We can supply and installs air conditioning in London and neighbouring boroughs. We can handle any size of projects you from start to finish of your project
- Site Survey for any small, big or complicated jobs such as repairs or installation
- 24Hours Air Conditioning Installation Service
- Air-Conditioning and Ventilation System Design
- Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration System Installation
- Ventilation System Commissioning
- Yearly Service
Domestic & Commercial Air Conditioning Ventilation Installation and Repair Specialists
With years of experience in the industry, we can install air conditioning in any building, from small offices, homes and server rooms to hospitals, multi-storey buildings and large commercial spaces.
The main sectors we work in include:
• Commercial
• Domestic
• Public Sector
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Medical
• Education
• IT and Server Rooms
On major projects, we work closely with building and engineering contractors, architects and other specialists, making sure all the jobs go smoothly and get completed on time and on budget.
Choosing an Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Cooling System

We you find the right air conditioning system for your needs, taking into account your budget, timescale, usage requirements and building layouts.
Depending on your needs, air conditioning can provide space heating, comfort cooling and precise temperature control. It can work in conjunction with additional heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery systems as required.
We can supply-fit, service, repair and maintain all types of air conditioning systems such as :
• VRF/VRV system
• Air to Air
• Wall-Mounted Split System
• Cassette Split System
• Multi-Split System
• Close Control
• Ducted System
Accounting for around 40% of your building’s energy consumption, efficiency is vital when it comes to installing HVAC systems. That’s why virtually all the air conditioning units we install are rated A or higher for energy efficiency.
We can advise you on how to minimise your system’s lifetime costs and manage the settings efficiently. Where required, we can also install additional features like high performance filters and advanced grilles
When we install air-conditioning and ventilation system we commission every system we install, carrying out comprehensive tests to make sure they’re running as expected and adhere to regulations.
It’s also vital that you get your air conditioning serviced at least once or twice a year, depending on the type and capacity.

Some of the areas we cover :
Plumstead High Street, SE18 Abery Street, Bannockburn Road, Barth Road, Bateson Street, Bebbington Road, Brewery Road, Ceres Road, Drawell Close, Fox Hollow Close, Gallosson Road, Garibaldi Street, Gunning Street, Hartville Road, Hawksmoor Close, Hector Street, Heverham Road, SE18 Hylton Street, Kentmere Road, Lakedale Road, Liffler Road, Mineral Street, Miriam Road, SE18 Old Tramyard, Orissa Road, Parkdale Road, Philimore Close, Quilter Street, Riverdale Road, Saunders Road, Speranza Street, Strandfield Close, Tewson Road, Tynemouth Road, SE18 Viewland Road, Abery Street, Balgowan Street, Bannockburn Road, Barth Road, Bateson Street, Boughton Road, Brookdene Road, Garibaldi Street, Gunning Street, Hadden Road, Hartville Road, Heverham Road, Hylton Street, Kentmere Road, Marmadon Road, Nathan Way, SE28 North Road, SE18Reidhaven Road, White Hart Road, Amardeep Court, Bargate Close, Camrose Street, Felspar Close, Granite Street, Grosmont RoadHeath Villas, Purrett Road, Quilter Street, Rippolson Road, Riverdale Road, ACORN GARDENS (SE19 2DD) , ALEXANDRA DRIVE (SE19 1AW) , ALEXANDRA WALK (SE19 1AL) , ALMA PLACE (SE19 2TB) , ANERLEY GROVE (SE19 2HU) , ANERLEY HILL (SE19 2BA) , ANERLEY ROAD (SE19 2AY) , ANERLEY VALE (SE19 2BG) , ANTIGUA WALK (SE19 1JB) , ARKELL GROVE (SE19 3HZ) , AUCKLAND CLOSE (SE19 2DA), AUCKLAND GARDENS (SE19 2DU) , AUCKLAND RISE (SE19 2EA) , AUCKLAND ROAD (SE19 2SF) , BAIRD GARDENS (SE19 1HJ) , BANKSIDE WAY (SE19 1HT) , BARRINGTON WALK (SE19 3AZ) , BATTENBURG WALK (SE19 1AR) , BEARDELL STREET (SE19 1TP) , BEAUCHAMP ROAD (SE19 3DL) , BEAUMONT ROAD (SE19 3QZ) , BECONDALE ROAD (SE19 1QJ) , BEDWARDINE ROAD (SE19 3AY) , BELL MEADOW (SE19 1HP) , BELVEDERE ROAD (SE19 2JL) , BERRIDGE ROAD (SE19 1EF) , BEULAH HILL (SE19 3XR) , BIGGIN HILL (SE19 3HY) , BIGGIN WAY (SE19 3XF) , BLOOMHALL ROAD (SE19 1JQ) , BOWLEY CLOSE (SE19 1SZ) , BOWLEY LANE (SE19 1LH) , BRABOURNE CLOSE (SE19 1AQ) , BRADLEY ROAD (SE19 3NT) ,
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